Messages from Nature: The Sylphs


Part 1 of 5 Channeled Messages: Beings of the Air – The Sylphs

Nature steps forth in many forms as the gifts of Gaia in her physical and energy body.  We are delighted with these gifts - from Beings on and in the Earth, in the skies, and in the waters.

This channeling comes from The Sylphs – elemental beings of the air who whisk about, unseen by many, and sensed by some.  So I ask them what is their recommendation for “human” beings (light beings in a physical body) to strengthen their ability to communicate with nature and not get caught up in their minds about this process.  Here’s what they say:

Ooooooohhhh, Dear, Dear Onnnessssss, we are The Sylphs and as you write our message we whisper it upon the winds – as this is how we live in the dimensions of the Earth realm – flying, soaring, weaving in gentle and quick strides upon the winds, in the air!

We sense much as the air layer atmosphere of the Earth is teaming with the energy of thoughts and emotions from the many Beings who live upon the body of the Mother.  We are called Elementals of the Air – we know, you see we are Beings who know and watch what is happening in this evolution upon the Earth.  We swim through the muck of thoughts that seem to be spinning, thoughts that seem to be wondering, thoughts that question why and what and how.  We swim through the muck of emotions as those thoughts are expressed in a myriad of ways.  We see/sense this in the humans as well as Earth’s creatures: animals, trees, nature, the waters.

Yet we are not a part of this, we are not affected by all of this in any way, yet we love to provide answers and feedback when we are asked – for we observe much, much, much – and we do not have what you call “judgement” about any of it – we just observe and as we are in balance within our own Being-ness, we wish to assist in those seeking balance within themselves.

So, how can we help?  We can tell you that in addition to what we observe as muck and sometimes chaos, we also observe the Lightness and the joy.  And, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to be in this energy and observing all that is - when we flit by and there is that Light and Love!  So, part of what we do, in working with the winds is to stir up and move around the energies – whether they are the muck or whether they are the joys!  And if we could impart to you that when you talk of “feeling light” when you are in those places of joy and happiness, that indeed all that is around your field, and the energies in your radius are swirling and dancing as we do, Dear Ones!  It IS INDEED LIGHT!

And this energy is so easy for us to spin and weave into many places.  We see the many dimensions that you are, in addition to your physicality – and how this also is affecting all of that for you.  So the more you are in these lighter, happier states of Being, the wonderful contribution you are making to all dimensions of you and for others and the Earth!

And for contrast, imagining the muck, stuck energies and how that feels weighted, and how that is so much to lug around – as it affects your physical being – we see that, and all of the other dimensions of you and all of you has an effect on others!

And many of you are in the process of awakening and being more aware of subtle energies and those things that are not “right in front of your nose”!  We see that after this long slumber, you are recognizing that what your physical eyes see is not only what is in your path, but also in your energy.  Some of you have been awake and already see and know our energies and that of the natural world and the dimensions within and beyond – and even many of you are finding a deeper sense of communing with us and the many spirits of nature and beyond.

We love to have fun, and wish you to know that we love to be called upon, to be whispered to, to be sung to, to dance with, and acknowledged!  We are doing the same as we fly and spin and weave in the air, in and out of the dimensions – so don’t be shy, do say “Hi”!

Here’s a little song/saying that we put together for you to communicate with us - whether you’re just learning how or already do so:

“Oh, little Sylphs upon the air, and here and there
What do you wish to whisper to me today? Is it a nugget of wisdom – let me hear,
Bring it close and swirl it around, I’ll listen closely until it is found
And I send to you blessings of joy and bliss, up into the air I throw you a kiss.
I know you are there, weaving the love, from above and carrying the light upon your wings,
And I am in such delight to send you mine and together see the change it brings”.

Our Love to ALL,
The Sylphs


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