Melchizedek Channeling: Keys and Codes of Harmony and Balance

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As you are present for this channeled transmission from Melchizedek - a powerful and wise beloved Master who is here to assist us with our Ascension process, knowing that you are fully supported as you open to the energies and vibrations that come through, and all that comes through is perfect for you and is the highest expression of your soul's mission and purpose. 

Hello beloved one, I am Melchizedek, and I am overjoyed and delighted to be with you on your ascension journey. There are many keys and codes that lie dormant within your being that are there as part of your soul's choice, that as you're here upon the Earth, that there is perfect timing, so to speak, for these keys and codes to unlock. Because they are there for very specific purposes.

And what I wish to bring forth today are the energies that unlock the keys and codes of harmony and balance. Harmony with you as a soul in a body, and really knowing that relationship. And the relationship of yourself to others, the world around you, all beings. And to be really igniting the keys and codes of harmony at this time is an important step upon your ascension process. Harmony and balance, hand in hand, that as you live within the dualistic world that projection of your outer reality, and as more and more of denser energies are rising to the surface that may seem to create chaos, unsettlement - that these are pointing to areas of your life that are no longer assisting you on your path - and that are being asked to be released, and to be brought into wholeness.

And the energies of harmony and balance and igniting these key codes, which is what we are doing now in this transmission, for you and exactly what it is that you require, that igniting these key codes of harmony and balance are assisting you in this process of release, and also is what the result of the release process, and bringing back into wholeness, the result of what occurs. (Spoken Light Language).

There is and has been so much emphasis on the many different aspects of all sides of the equation, and those energies are surfacing more and more, as more ascension light is coming to the Earth, and as you are holding and distributing this light, and as the beloved Mother Gaia is shining her light of unconditional love. These high frequencies are bringing these challenges to the surface, and yet there are not there to create imbalance to but to release the heaviness and denseness. If you were to look at those scales - the scales of justice image is coming now, yet those weight scales, and there has been much weight in the density - the denser energies - that has been weighing you down. And as it comes up, it's an opportunity to release it - to take a bullion of denser energy off - and to create more of that harmony and balance within your life, within your relationships to yourself - to your soul, with your physical body - and the physical body and emotions are what are experiencing all of these denser energies - and a way to experience them, so that they are easily recognized.

Your soul knows perfect harmony, perfect balance, and is naturally assisting you in entraining to that. So when it appears that there is this pushing and pulling, whether it's in relationship to yourself or relationship with others, that is the energy that is calling forth to you to come back into balance. Come back into harmony. And you can experience this at any time, because it is always within you.

So, I Melchizedek step forth today to bring the energies that are unlocking the keys and codes of harmonious relationship with yourself, with others, and reminding you that balance is the natural way that you exist. And always wanting to, and working to coming into that alignment.

And nature is a perfect example of this. When the fires come to the forest and there is great burning and what is considered, destruction, de-structing the physical trees, this beautiful fire and transmuting energy, when the fire has burned its course, then opens the forest floor up to more sunlight, to more air circulation, and then new life springs from that. And you work the same way - like nature. You are here for that purpose, all that you brought in to this lifetime to finally complete and transmute is making way for new growth, new expansion for your soul. (Light Language).

Breathing in and out and knowing that the keys and codes that are meant to unlock for you have unlocked. Maybe noticing consciously where your life experiences are reflecting that natural energy of coming back into balance. And it doesn't have to be as powerful as the fire burning down the entire forest - yet it may be - and it may be on a different level, but it is happening for you, because you have chosen it.

I Melchizedek am grateful for all that you are expanding and achieving within this lifetime. I am here to help you with your ascension, and to help all who call upon me when you would like more assistance. And I complete now.


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